Our Approach

The foundation of our coaching is based on the Columbia Coaching Certification Program, a collaboration between Columbia Business School’s Executive Education and The Center for Educational Outreach and Innovation, Teachers College, Columbia University.

This approach contains three foundations of coaching – guiding principles, core competencies and the coaching process.

Firstly, the guiding principles of coaching – it is the adherence to high standards of ethical conduct, focusing on the client’s agenda, building commitment through involvement, and earning the right to advance at each stage of the coaching process.

Secondly, core competencies - these are essentially aggregates of capabilities which when applied across the entire coaching process, bring life to the guiding principles and create sustainable client value.

Thirdly, the actual coaching process itself that is made up of three 3 Cs:

  1. Context (achieving and sustaining contextual awareness, or, “What’s going on?”).
  2. Content (creating conceptual clarity, or, “What really matters?”).
  3. Conduct (taking informed action, or, “How to get there from here?”).

The Columbia Coaching Certification Program (3CP) is a multidisciplinary approach to coaching with an emphasis on integrating theory with practice, drawing many theories from the behavioural sciences including adult learning and development, psychology, management education and communication.

What is unique in our approach is our emphasis on understanding the importance of values during the coaching process. Increasingly, the missing element in sustainable leadership success can be traced to diminishing or compromised values, including those of a spiritual nature. At Career Transitions, we address such issues directly, but with sensitivity and respect for all beliefs.

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