The responses from Eric's clients as well as his coachees have been positive. In this instance, the “client” himself can be the “coachee” when he signs up for the coaching sessions, or, the client can also be the CEO of the organisation that sponsors his direct reports to be coachees. Alternatively, the client could be the initiating sponsor (such as the Head of HR) who contacts the coach to enter into a coaching arrangement for the coachees who are typically successful functional divisional heads or heads of business units in their organisation.

Here are some testimonials from coachees and clients. *

Eric's coaching has helped me identify my own weaknesses and understand other people's perception of me. Importantly, he has also helped me identify ways to improve my business relationships and be more effective at work. » read more

* Business Head, international insurance company.
You’ve helped me to see my blind spot, in a manner that is factual, reassuring and reinforced by the good intentions to help me improve as a leader, as a person and also sparked my spiritual awareness along the way. I remembered your saying, Everything Happens For A Reason. » read more

* Senior business leader of a large regional financial institution
Many thanks for the guidance and unique coaching experience that you have given me in the past 2 years. I had expected a secular approach to coaching but I am glad it is one based on enduring biblical principles. » read more

* CEO of a local securities company.
With Eric's help, I came to realize that most of the leadership problems we face are a reflection of the leader himself. He guided me to systematically face my weaknesses courageously, and in the process helped me to seek the solutions to my specific problems. » read more

* Country Actuary at one of largest public listed life insurance companies in the region.
I went into the first session expecting tools, '7 habits', principles, diagnosis, and prescriptions. What Eric offered was totally the opposite - a methodology for introspection, self-discovery, and breakthrough. » read more

* Professor at one of the region's leading tertiary institutions, and head of a significant research centre.
Eric is a practical, honest and trustworthy coach! » read more

* CEO & Chairman of Executive Committee, regional telecommunications company.
Eric's coaching has helped me refresh my abilities and understand where my 'unconscious weaknesses' could derail me. » read more

* Executive Vice President & Group Head, Human Resources, of one of the region's largest financial services groups.
The sessions with Eric was a humbling journey of seeking out and accepting my weaknesses, and understanding that 'what got me here, may not get me there'. read more

* Senior Vice President, one of the world’s strongest banks.
A very refreshing experience that redefined the way I perceive people and problems. I gained insights about myself through the well-structured coaching sessions. » read more

* Chief Executive Officer of a leading SME, providing building materials & solutions.
I noticed three main positive attributes – “taking more ownership”, “a more determined and stronger resolve in life”, and more “solution focused than problem focused” within the management team of my organisation after their coaching sessions with Eric ! » read more

* Chief Executive Officer of an international hospitality chain.
His easy-going coaching style has helped me to focus on my goals and priorities and also uncover my strengths and gaps for me to work on. » read more

* Group Sales and Marketing Director of a leading international hospitality chain.
Being more of a pessimistic sort of person, the coaching sessions have helped me get out of this rut, and I am able to use this about-turn in my mindset to help me in my dealings with people around me which at the end of the day, served my needs better. » read more

* Divisional Managing Director of an established and respected public listed firm in the finance and insurance industry.

* The identity of clients have been kept confidential. However, if you would like to know more from the clients, we can make the necessary arrangements for you to speak with them directly.

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