Eric's coaching has helped me identify my own weaknesses and understand other people's perception of me. Importantly, he has also helped me identify ways to improve my business relationships and be more effective at work. He got me to really think about my goals, identify what I need to change to achieve those goals and checked on me if I've executed them. He has provided valuable guidance and perspective, displaying genuine passion and concern in my situation.

Business Head, international insurance company.

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Awareness of blind spot.

You’ve helped me to see my blind spot, in a manner that is factual, reassuring and reinforced by the good intentions to help me improve as a leader, as a person and also sparked my spiritual awareness along the way. I remembered your saying, Everything Happens For A Reason.

One of my blind spots is that I drive myself & my subordinates too hard at times, maybe more often than not. This has caused unhappiness and consternation if I may add. Your session has done me a lot of good & always conducted in confidence. I could share anything with you. Truly welcomed your feedback.

It has aspired me to change and discard the notion that “the means justify the ends”. There’re better ways to comm. or point out someone’s shortcomings. So basic, but only awareness could change that. I supposed it is my very tough conditioning, which is why i didn’t see anything peculiarly wrong about it. I missed this……by a MILE!

Being Mindful & Patient

Mindfulness is appreciated much more today than it ever was. Mindfulness to me is in the context that our day to day role enables us to help our organisation & more importantly enrich people surrounding us when they present their problems to us. Sometimes we feel frustrated having to do “extra” things and handling personal issues for example.

Being mindful means, i start to appreciate the privilege of helping a situation or someone to overcome even their personal difficulties. There’s much hardships out there in our staff’s lives, some weather it better than others. We must always present things more positively & steadfast to the believe things always gets better and it takes time to happen.

It’s doesn’t feel a burden anymore, maybe it’s God’s way of answering someone’s request through me. No more frets, or impatience, but just try our very best to help and assist others. This is leadership from a spiritual point & I believe it applies in both our personal and professional life.

I have stopped beating myself too hard

Much of my life’s angst is that I drive and expect too much from myself all the time. I really take it very hard on myself when I failed. It helped when driving oneself when young, but once it becomes a burden it created another set of problems. But I think being able to realise # 1 and # 2 above, I have probably become more ‘kind’ to myself. Anyways, 1, 2 and 3 are interconnected and related. Each had a direct / indirect causal effect to the other.

Life should not be lead with anger, angst or frustration. Sometime, we try so hard to achieve the goals of life to the point we missed living life, you know what I mean ? We should just do our best and leave to GOD. Not everything in life is in our hands. It feels liberating and vulnerable at the same time, but no more carrying this burden!

Above all else, you have guided me in your coaching session with the wisdom & your experience as a coach. I was initially a bit defensive, thinking (to myself & probably rolling my eyes) this is another effort to Christianise. But it wasn’t ! It was wholesome sharing of how to live a more meaningful life, guided always by good teachings. It’s your tremendous knowledge of the topic, your coaching skills AND most importantly the trust, faith that I endear myself to your sharing sessions.

I sincerely thank you for I have benefitted tremendously. It’s hard to measure the lift if seen from the outside. But, when one operates with a broader heart, less calculative, more selfless in thoughts, always believing in abundance and behaving more mindfully, that’s its more than one can ask.

Senior business leader of a large regional financial institution.

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Many thanks for the guidance and unique coaching experience that you have given me in the past 2 years. I had expected a secular approach to coaching but I am glad it is one based on enduring biblical principles.

Your approach to coaching the Christian believer is to use the Bible to frame the discussion. The challenges or problems facing the coachee are probed intently and sometimes uncomfortably to reduce them to core issues and the next steps are pretty obvious when framed against the sharing of Bible values. The pause of the daily grind granted by the coaching sessions allows me the time and space to reflect on challenges which otherwise may be acted upon rashly.

A central theme in your coaching is to discuss the larger meta text of the Christian coachee's life - what my role is as a Christian leader in a secular organisation. The world does not need to know more habits of effective leaders but rather, when the dust has settled, a purpose-filled existence aligned to God's kingdom. Eric, many thanks for the guidance and timely reminder.

CEO of a local securities company.

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At the start of the coaching sessions with Eric, I expected to get quick tips and advice on how to be a better leader. I received none. However, in a short 1 year under the guidance from Eric, I have learnt much more than my many years as a manager.

There were many areas in which Eric helped me. Just to mention a few, I totally re-examined my perspective of what a leader should be. I came to realize that most of the leadership problems we face are a reflection of the leader himself. He guided me to systematically face my weaknesses courageously, and in the process helped me to seek the solutions to my specific problems. He has also shared with me the important techniques of self-reflection as a leader, which is essential, but yet easily forgotten as one climbs up the corporate ladder.

I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to Eric, who has helped me through some difficult times I've faced as a leader. Thank you, Eric!

Country Actuary at one of largest public listed life insurance companies in the region.

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As an educator and as a head of a research centre, the objectives of my coaching sessions with Eric were mainly to enhance my effectiveness. I went into the first session expecting tools, '7 habits', principles, diagnosis, and prescriptions. What Eric offered was totally the opposite - a methodology for introspection, self-discovery, and breakthrough. The coaching sessions also included feedback that was gathered by Eric's meeting with my peers and group members; and more than being a mere 360 degree feedback session, the sessions with Eric allowed me to prioritise areas and attitudes I wanted to address and change.

I found in Eric a coach who examined incidents (or feedback) with rigour and from perspectives that I could never have considered on my own. I was able to translate feedback and analysis to actionable items in terms of relationships, performance, and particular issues with my boss, with my team members, and even with my teenage son.

Professor at one of the region's leading tertiary institutions, and head of a significant research centre.

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In the year plus that Eric Lee has been my personal coach, he has helped me bounce ideas around, and put things into perspective, particularly when tough decisions had to be made. His integrity has allowed me to discuss sensitive issues and explore different points of view with the knowledge that all such discussions remained absolutely confidential. He is practical, honest and trustworthy.

CEO & Chairman of Executive Committee, regional telecommunications company.

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As Group Head of the Human Resources division of a successful regional financial services group, I see the danger for people when their ride has been good – they may stop growing. This is the reason why I asked to be coached by Eric so I know how to avoid the trap of not knowing how to do better.

As a HR person and a trained coach myself, I know the value of a good coach – one who has gone through rigorous training. It was apparent after the first two sessions with him that he knew what he was doing with me – the navigation, frank and incisive questioning, and the reflections that I was led through. It has opened a new paradigm for me in moving my role further. Eric has helped me refresh my abilities and understand where my 'unconscious weaknesses' could derail me. I value the sessions. I strongly encourage successful people to be coached. Coaching is about successful people being more successful.

Executive Vice President & Group Head, Human Resources, of one of the region's largest financial services groups.

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The experience was thoroughly enriching and a timely re-examination of my life priorities and values. It was a humbling journey of seeking out and accepting my weaknesses, and understanding that 'what got me here, may not get me there'. The sessions with Eric were intense, reflective and at times 'brutally honest'.

Senior Vice President, one of the world's strongest banks.

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As a CEO, I feel that it is important to focus on growth as an individual and a team. However, during my coaching sessions, I realised that besides growing my technical skills and knowledge, it is also important to grow through self-awareness – a point highlighted by Eric.

As an individual, I gained insights about myself through the well-structured coaching sessions. It was a very refreshing experience that redefined the way I perceive people and problems.

I am also very satisfied with the results of the NBI Assessment that Eric recommended us to take. It helped my staff and I understand ourselves better in terms of individual brain thinking preferences, and this knowledge can be used to develop a stronger synergy amongst us as we seek to complement and balance our diverse thinking personalities. This will definitely help us grow as a team and allow us to accomplish even more.

I would not hesitate to recommend this coaching programme to others, especially to other CEOs.

Chief Executive Officer of a leading SME, providing building materials & solutions.

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About a year ago, I engaged Eric as the coach for four of my most senior heads of the organisation. There were no hidden agendas for these coaching sessions. The only deliverable was that each individual should benefit from the coaching, even in their personal lives.

Over the course of the year, I noticed three main positive attributes in the team.

Firstly, taking more ownership – no more blame games or pointing fingers when things go wrong. No more looking for scapegoats or protecting of individual territories but a willingness to be involved and take on the role to fix the issues at hand.

Secondly, a more determined and stronger resolve in life - a stronger inward resolve instead of faltering at the first hint of problems. As the company grows globally, stretching to 33 cities, the team faces a myriad of issues crossing cultures, personalities, idiosyncrasies, legal and political nuances. As we tackle these issues, the stronger resolve and mindset helped in the fixing of these issues.

Thirdly, more solution than problem focused – the team is no longer just straddled with the problems and lamenting about them. Instead, they try to find ways to solve the problemsand looking at possible solutions. The team seems to exhibit more of ‘thinking out of the box’; ‘let’s fix it!’ approach. Although I was not privy to the coaching sessions, I can see that all the changes seem to stem from an inner resolve and mindset change from within. Maybe that’s the real difference between coaching versus mentoring or training.

Thanks, Eric.

Chief Executive Officer of an international hospitality chain.

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His easy-going coaching style has helped me to focus on my goals and priorities and also uncover my strengths and gaps for me to work on. It has been an enriching journey as my goals became clearer and my confidence renewed throughout the process.

I have also learned to identify things that were impediments to achieving the level of success that I want, both professionally as well as personally. I have no hesitation in recommending Eric highly as a coach.

Group Sales and Marketing Director of a leading international hospitality chain.

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"Coaching has been a great help for me not only where my job is concerned but also in my personal life. You can never know enough about human relationships and even though I have been doing HR work for many years now, it’s always good to have a sounding board – a coach to help fine-tune my understanding of human relationships and how it can be better improved both at work and on a social level. Being more of a pessimistic sort of person, the coaching sessions have helped me get out of this rut, and I am able to use this about-turn in my mindset to help me in my dealings with people around me which at the end of the day, served my needs better. I would like to think that I am now a better person to be around.

While I am not saying coaching is a panacea to life; it has been useful to have an experienced coach to constantly challenge me to move into higher planes both at work and in my outlook in life. I strongly recommend Eric as a coach and I recommend coaching for those in leadership. The tendency for many of us to think, "that's it; I have learned all there is to learn” is always there. Coaching in a way gets you to tell yourself this – the best is yet to be.

Divisional Managing Director of an established and respected public listed firm in the finance and insurance industry.

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* The identity of clients have been kept confidential. However, if you would like to know more from the clients, we can make the necessary arrangements for you to speak with them directly.