Who Benefits?

While executive coaching seeks to help most executives regardless of the organisation they work in, it is particularly useful for leaders of companies such as the Chairman, Chief Executives, functional heads and senior executives who have a significant impact on the success of their organisations. This is because executive coaching is highly personalised and tailored to suit each individual’s needs. Also, the ability to make changes in an organisation normally starts from the top, and since it’s the top levels that set the pace, pattern and politics of change, coaching at that level reaps the best dividends.

It is a well-known fact that top executives don’t always receive genuine feedback. With executive coaching, feedback that is open, honest and even direct can be utilised positively. Clients are also offered the opportunity to practise Feedforward – a future-oriented, proactive suggestion mechanism developed by internationally renowned leadership coach Marshall Goldsmith.

The primary focus is on individual coaching and the client and/or coachee sets the agenda. However, Career Transitions recognises that different organisations operate differently and there could be a need for some initial team coaching which will be followed by individual coaching or vice versa. Effective coaching takes place when the needs of the coachees are met – the ultimate goal of Career Transitions.

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